Inherited Real Estate

Maximizing the Value of Probate and Trust Real Estate

Providing consulting and customized proposals to help advise clients on the best solutions and financial options for their inherited real estate.


How I Can Help

I am a real estate consultant focused on maximizing the value of inherited real estate through solutions management.   Inheriting real estate can be one of the most painful ways to acquire property.  I advise beneficiaries on the highest and best use of their property to optimize value for ultimate liquidation.  I recognize that every property is unique.   I help structure all facets of a real estate transaction including residential resale, remodel, property management or investor sales.  I am able to tap into a vast rolodex of investors, lenders, contractors, etc.


With over 20 years of experience working with estates and trusts as an attorney and trust administrator, I have been involved in many situations and challenges involving inherited real estate.  To help my clients achieve successful outcomes and enhance the value of their property, I leverage emerging technology and proprietary software to provide meaningful discussion and insight on the real estate market.  I offer clients innovative ideas about how to enhance their results and get ahead of key issues.



  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Real Estate Financial Analysis and Creative Financing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis with Defined Recommendations
  • Property Staging for Resale
  • Market Analysis
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Overseeing General Contractors for Refurbishment and Improvements
  • Property Management for single and multi-family properties


 Who Serve 

I do the market research and property analysis that leads to a complete financial analysis and a set of recommendations.   I often present 2-3 scenarios with clear recommendations on what the beneficiary can do with the property.  This includes details with financial return projections on each scenario so they can make highly informed decisions based on facts and figures.  I help…


  • Trust and Elder Care Attorneys
  • Financial Advisors
  • Trust Administrators
  • Investment Advisors
  • Coordinate with Retirement Communities
  • Senior Services


…by delivering customized and turnkey solutions on inherited real estate so that you can service your clients without worrying about the challenges of working with real estate.  When I say “turnkey”, you truly just pick up the phone and call me, then from there me or my team will handle everything and anything to do with the real estate your beneficiary has just inherited.


Common Questions Requiring Our Assistance for Optimal Solutions:

1) Is the property in a less than desirable area for optimal resale value?

2) Are there issues with the property including

  • Structural issues with foundation, fireplace
  • Roof repair or water damage
  • Termites, flood, mold, asbestos
  • Driveway repairs, tree root damage
  • Plumbing problems
  • Electrical repairs
  • Hoarding

3)  Is the property currently being used as rental property?

  • Has a single family residence been modified to fit multiple tenants?
  • Are tenants not being cooperative?

4)  Do the beneficiaries need liquidity for other debts?

5)  Does one beneficiary wish to purchase the real estate from the other beneficiaries but has no liquidity to do so?

6)  Does the property comprise more than 10% of the estate, i.e. over concentration?

7)  Do the beneficiaries need an estate sale before the property can be sold?

8)  Have the beneficiaries inherited mineral rights and don’t know how to value or sell them?

9)  Does the property have liens that need to be addressed before clear title can be transferred?

10) Was the property a vacation home for family gatherings?


AC360 Realty Can Handle All Your Real Estate Needs as a Total Solutions Provider.

 Your Probate and Trust Real Estate Experts!


Call Us or Email Us for a Customized Real Estate Solutions Proposal,analyzing:

1. Market Trends
2. Highest and Best Use Value
3. Creative Financing
4. After Repairs Value
5. Real estate comparables

6. Investor offers
7. Multi-family properties and rents
8. Property inspection report
9. Recommended property improvements with estimates
10. + Several additional proprietary factors

Helping advise clients on the best solutions and financial options for their real estate assets. 

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