Families We’ve Helped

At AC360 Realty, we don’t like to keep our successes to ourselves. We like to share them with the world! Please read the stories below of how we have helped families navigate the complexities of dealing with inherited real estate by turning it into a stress free process and caringly guiding them as a trusted extension of their "family" to maximize the value of their property.

Family Story 1:

Situation: Mom passed away with a large home in Mission Hills. The home was in a Trust, which directed the property be sold and proceeds distributed outright to her 4 children.

Problem: The home was nearly 40 years old. It had not been well-maintained and a sunroom addition on the back of the house had settled and was pulling away from the main structure. Some of the children lived out of town making it hard to get everyone together to make decisions.

Solution: An analysis was done on the property and presented to the family which identified 3 plausible solutions – 1) Sell the home “as is”, 2) Take some of the liquid assets from the Trust to hire a general contractor to make needed structural and cosmetic repairs, or 3) Market the home to an investor. The decision was made to hire a general contractor to make needed repairs then sell.

Result: The home was sold over list price. The Trustee was pleased because they were able to maximize the value of the asset in the Trust. The 4 children were happy with the ultimate result. Choosing the option to remodel added approx. $95,000 to their existing portfolio. Neighbors were happy that the sale was in line with others in the neighborhood.


Family Story 2:

Situation: Mom’s health was failing. She had been managing her home plus 3 rental properties in her neighborhood for years. Her son began “helping” a few years ago. It was time for mom to move to a nursing home and have the Successor Trustee (daughter) step in to manage her assets.

Problem: Rents hadn’t increased in years. The rental houses were getting older with more maintenance. Plus, the finances weren’t adding up. Bills weren’t getting paid and rent checks were missing. The financial advisor working with the daughter wanted to sell everything and add the proceeds to mom’s stock and bond portfolio.

Solution: We developed a comparative study to analyze the return on investment between the stock/bond portfolio and the real estate portfolio. The family decided to hire AC360 to manage the 3 rental properties and sell mom’s home, placing the rent money and home sale proceeds into the investment portfolio.

Result:  Their financial advisor was planning a 5% average annual return on investment.  Because the rental properties were debt-free, even after putting some money into the properties, projections showed a 10% return on the rental investment.  The tenants were happy for some needed improvements to the property.  Once a third-party was brought in to handle the property management, all records were brought up to good standing and the accounting became transparent and easy for the Trustee to track for tax purposes.  Mom was happy that she got to keep the rentals and maintain her relationship with her tenants.